in 1979, he founded and produced the first ever "RI Rock," now the oldest annual rock music event in Croatia

he took an active part composing, arranging and producing four major band-aid concerts in Croatia as well as one international one

his work has garnered numerous guild and state awards, as well as awards at musical and theatre festivals

he lives and works in Rijeka, Croatia

working professionally as a composer since 1978; member of the National Composers' Union

his oeuvre consist of several hundred songs in a variety of musical styles including pop, rock, classical, jazz, new age, trip hop, house, dance, folk

he has authored numerous scores for theatre, television, orchestras, choirs, klape (traditional Croatian a cappella music), soloists, and music groups

he is a founder of the musical groups: "Raðanje" [Birth], "Mali princ" [The Little Prince], "Dr. Doktor" [DR. Doctor], "Dr. Team", "Some Come Running"

he has released four albums, including two compilations of his theatre scores - "Ambient" [Ambience] and "Ambient 2" [Ambience 2]